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Dear children, this is your last assignment in this "weird" semester. I hope you will enjoy watching this movie: It's about teenagers a little older than you but still, I think you might like it. Your task is to write 7 wishes that would be the TOP of your wishes if I had a magic wand and could make your wishes come true.

Milé děti, tohle je poslední úkol v tomto "divném" pololetí. Doufám, že se vám bude líbit film, který je o trochu starší mládeži. Vaším úkolem je shlédnout film a napsat 7 přání, která by byla vaše NEJ přání, kdybych měla kouzelnou hůlku a mohla vaše přání splnit.


Hi kids, our today's topic is the Czech Republic! First watch some videos for tourists.

Ahoj děti, téma dnešní konverzace je Česká republika.  Nejprve si pusťte několik videí pro turisty.

In the following links you are invited to do a few quizzes about the fact from our country.

V následujících odkazech si vypracujte vědomostní kvízy týkající se naší země. (send me your achievement certificates by mail)


The assignment is to send me by 15/6 a virtual card from a favourite place of yours.

Vaším úkolem je poslat mi do 15/6 virtuální pohlednici z vašeho oblíbeného města.



Hi kids, today we are supposed to focus on English speaking countries. I have found some interesting videos for you. You are free to watch them whenever it suits you best. 

1) One language, three accents:

2) Words that are hard to say in British and American English:

3) 5 things native speakers never say:

4) 20 words you pronounce incorrectly:

5) 10 věcí, které byste měli vědět před návštěvou Velké Británie:

6) super lehký test z angličtiny:

7) Guess the English accent challenge:



Hi guys! I must say that your last assignment has been a great success! Except for some of you who either HAVE NOT DONE anything at all (KK and FH) or HAVE NOT FINISHED yet (KT, AM and NK).

Today's assigment might make you laugh a bit. It's just 90 minutes of watching some teenagers' adventures... It is a movie called The SWAP ( you enjoy it.

Please, once you have watched it, think for a while and write some of your impressions and thoughts about the two main characters. In which way did the swapping of their bodies help them overcome some of their personal problems? You can send your opinions to me by May 15. Thank you.






Hi everyone, thanks for sending me your answers to questions regarding the video about COVID-19. I will get back to you with my comments.

Another assignment is here: please read an article from BBC News + watch a short video about the measures against coronavirus adopted in Sweden. At the end of the article there are three questions for you. Please, send your answers by April 3rd.

Lockdown or not

Thanks a lot.


29 March 2020



Hi everyone!

Hope you are all doing fine despite the current UNUSUAL circumstances. I would appreciate if you could spare some of your time for this "class" too. I provide a link to an interesting video about COVID-19. It  might  be a little challenging for you but, then again, what in this life isn't?

Please watch this video and asnwer AS MANY of the questions below AS POSSIBLE. You can send me your answers by Friday March 27.  All answers are in the video!


cells - buňky

respiratory - dýchací

avian influenza - ptačí chřipka

epidemics - epidemie

hospitable - příznivý

quarantine - karanténa

outbreaks - ohniska

resources - zdroje

infectious - nakažlivé

disease - nemoc

face - čelit



1) What is the specialty of Alanna Shaikh? 

2) Does COVID-19 use DNA as genetic material?

3) In general, what do coronaviruses use to invade cells?

4) How many coronaviruses have there been in the world so far?

5) Which are the respiratory symptoms of COVID-19? (at least 2)

6) Which class of our population has an easy form of the coronavirus?

7) What does ZOONATIC mean and what is its relation to COVID-19?

8) Why does AVIAN INFLUENZA have its outbreaks every year in some parts of the world?

9) What is the main difference between avian influenza and COVID - 19?

10) Acoording to A. Shaikh, are there going to be more epidemics in the future?

11) What makes the world more hospitable to viruses and bacteria?

12) How do people come across new kinds of diseases, mainly spread by animals?

13) Can QUARANTINE and travel restrictions stop the outbreaks of viruses?

14) Which is the way to avoid more outbreaks of viruses in the world?

15) Which countries DO NOT have the resources to respond to an infectious disease and to treat it?

16) Which were the problems in Sierra Leone that the doctors had to face with regards to Ebola virus?

17) What percentage of people infected with COVID -19 is going to need hospitalization?

18) Do people get infected only by travelling to countries infected with COVID-19?

19) What is the personal advice of A. Shaikh for preventing getting COVID-19? (at least 5)

20) What is her opinion on wearing a face mask in relation to infected people, health personnel, ordinary healthy citizens?